About Us

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our restaurant, Papaya Chicken & Grill. So, thank you.  The style of food served at Papaya Chicken & Grill can best be described as Latin American and Tropical.

Everything on the menu is made fresh in our own kitchen, never poured out of a bag or frozen. We want you to know that the food you’re eating is fresh and provided from local farmers and suppliers. You can be certain that you are getting the highest level of freshness.  We don’t want to just go on and on about how fresh our tomatoes are. We also want you to know that everything we cook tastes amazing and is full of flavor. We’ve worked hard to create the awesome flavors you’ll enjoy from our menu. When you try our food for the first time, we want you to just say WOW!

Our Inspiration

When we began this journey, it wasn’t hard to decide what type of restaurant we were going to open. My wife and I have enjoyed traveling throughout Latin America the past years. We’ve been to places like Playa Del Carmen (Mexico), Bavaro Beach (Dominican Republic), Montego Bay (Jamaica), Jaco (Costa Rica), and Miami (Florida).  And, some of our favorite places to eat there are tiny “hole in wall” local joints that everyone lines up for. Places like El Pelicano in Costa Rica, El Fagon in Mexico, or Café Versailles and Las Olas Café in South Beach, and more. It’s our hope that we can bring all those great foods, flavors, and experiences back here for you to enjoy right here in Raleigh.

Our History

In 2017, we opened our first restaurant in Raleigh, NC. Just off the 540 Beltline in north Raleigh inside Bent Tree Plaza at the corner of Falls of Neuse Rd and Strickland. We are open for lunch and dinner every day. You can have a seat and dine in, or call us for fast and convenient takeout. We know cooking for the family can be hectic and time consuming, so just call ahead and we will gladly meet you at your car with your order.

Since our customer’s pleasure is of utmost importance, we encourage you to contact us with any feedback that would help us provide a better experience. Bon apetit!

Michael and Staff